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Carol Koontz Baton & Drum Corps


New members page-Updated 2/9/08
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Thanks for another great year!!! 

Remember baton lesson money is due at the first of each month. Anyone who still owes for marching dues, they need to be paid as soon as possible. You will not be allowed to march if they are not paid. If you are truly having trouble paying them, please speak with Carol to see what arrangements can be made. Remember dues are $45 for Seniors, Juniors and Color Guard and $25 for Minis. Juniors and Seniors, we have passed our date for our new uniforms to be shipped. They are completed and the company is just waiting for us to send the money. Please pay the remaining balance as soon as possible. Contact Charlie if you are unsure how much you still owe. Anyone with money toward uniform balance, put in envelope marked uniforms with your name and give to Charlie. We would love to have our new uniforms for the Hall of Fame Kickoff Parade.

    Lesson Money:  If I do not receive your monthly lesson money by the 10th of each month, there will  be a $5.00 late fee added.  If you will not see me by the 10th of the month, please mail your lesson money to me.  You pay for 4 lessons per month, whether you attend or not.  You can not skip a month without paying.  If you do happen to miss a lesson, you will be taught what you missed when you return.  This is a standard used by all baton studio's.  
Hair and Make-up: Parents, make sure the hair piece is pinned in place by crisscrossing with many long bobby pins.  This will prevent the hair piece from falling out during parades.  Also, bangs and sides are to be sprayed back with hairspray.  There is to be no loose hair.  Parents, make sure the girls wear red lipstick that can be seen by the audience and judges.  The same goes for blue eyeshadow.  Remember, no nail polish, earrings or jewerly of any kind.  Please arrive at all parades prepared to march. 
Dress: Don't forget to make sure shoes, shoe strings, socks and batons are clean and look like new.  Seniors must wear black underwear. 
Parents, Family and Friends: Enjoy the parade on the parade route, but please, NO walking along side the troop.  Someone will remain with your child at the end until you are able to arrive or you may wait at the end of the parade. 
Weather:  All parades are held rain or shine.  If the rain is too heavy or there is lightening, we will not march, but you cannot tell what the weather will be like from one minute to the next.  Just like the North Canton parade, the weather cleared once we arrived.  If we ever cancel a parade due to weather, we will try to contact you or you may call your "calling mom" if in doubt.  Make sure they have their number/cell number. 
  Lessons will be held in the park pavillion if it rains.  Lessons are never cancelled. 
Troop members:  Yoy must work on picking your feet up higher, smile and do your head turns while marching. 
 Color Guard Uniform Rental: Those of you who still owe the $25 rental fee for the uniform must pay.  Give money to Carol or your marching mom.  Please put money in envelope with your name on it. 
Drum Corp:  We are one of the few groups that still use live music.  While it is easier to stick in a CD, it is classier to have live music.  At the same time, it is hard to find students who wish to play.  If you know anyone who would like to play, please contact Carol.  We have a drum instructor who will work with them.  Will still need 3 more players. 
T-shirts:  We have T-shirts for sale again this year.  We need to turn our order in ASAP.  Let your calling moms know if you would like a shirt, how many and what size.  It would be great to have everyone wear them on bus trips and after parades.  Adult and children sizes available. 
Congratulations:    The troop has done a great job so fair this year.  We have won at every parade.  This is the best er have looked for awhile, let's keep up the good work.  I am proud of each and everyone of you. 
Prepare:   Remember to eat sensibly and drink "LOTS" of water before each parade and come rested.  Minis don't forget to go to the bathroom before coming to line-up. 

The mini uniform is made from white trigger fabric and is lined with thin white cotton or bleached muslin.  The pattern is from McCalls number 2855 (This pattern has been discontinued).  McCall's pattern number 4433 is the same.  The hem is to be 3 inches below the panty line. The uniform is made from white trigger fabric and lined with white muslin.   You will also need to purchase white cheerleading tights.  These are available at Dance Wear House on Fulton and they will give you a discount if you mention you are with Carol Koontz.  Minis will also need white leather or vinyl shoes.  No thick soles, tags or colors on shoes.  Minis will need to pull their hair into a bun. Socks, sash and corsages will be sold at first parade.  Measurement for sash will be done at the first Saturday practice in May.  See Carol if you need a uniform.
Remember for all parades, Juniors and Seniors, hair must be pulled back in a bun, bangs included, with hairpiece around the bun.  Makeup on and no jewelry or nail polish.  Make sure shoes and batons are clean.  Color Guard and Minis, hair must be pulled back in a bun, with a hairpiece for the minis.  Wear taupe/tan eyeshadow, pink rouge and  lipstick. 

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